What You Can Expect

breakfastguysThe first thing you’ll notice when visiting Ascension is our building, dedicated in 1992.  It was designed for people moving into the growing East End of Louisville.  Half of our members are non-Lutheran in background and most members have belonged for 12 years or fewer.  Our worship is “user friendly” for those unaccustomed to Lutheran worship.  Our music is mostly contemporary liturgical.

Join us Saturday evenings at 5:00 PM for a family-friendly service.  Between Labor Day and Memorial Day, we have two Sunday services: the 8:30 AM service is a traditional, but streamlined, version of a typical Lutheran service, while the 10:45 AM service is an hour.  During the summer we have a single Sunday morning service, at 9:30 AM.

It’s easy to find our building; just look for the large lighted sign in front. There’s a large parking lot to the rear of the building. That’s where you’ll find the main entrance to the church building. When you enter through the portico entrance, turn right for classrooms in the education wing or turn left to enter the fellowship hall. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee and visit with some of the members while you wait for worship to begin.

The ushers will offer a worship bulletin on your way into the sanctuary. You’ll find a comfortable seat – no hard wood pews or plastic seats here! Be sure to take note of the contemporary architecture, the natural wood finishes, the awesome banners, the etched glass windows depicting the life of Christ and the casual, friendly mood before service begins.  All the readings and hymns, as well as artwork and other visuals, are projected during our services.

We have song leaders, a subset of choir, at all services except the late Sunday service when the full choir sings. But, listen closely to the style of music, even the classic hymns you may know from your childhood. Our church music director is also a jazz musician. We’re sure you’ll be enchanted by the twists, turns and little surprises in the music. At any given service, you may enjoy a concert grand piano, guitar, drum set, flute, saxophone, trumpet, cello, accordion, and, every once in a while, even a traditional church organ.

check1Our order of service follows traditional Lutheran liturgy with prayer, confession, kyrie, lessons, sermon, communion, benediction and dismissal. We change the liturgical music throughout the year, so don’t be surprised if you hear pieces from a variety of sources. Communion is served at every service. All who are baptized are welcome to partake. We do use wine, but you are welcome instead to take a cup of grape juice from the tray offered by the ushers. Our communion bread is baked by church members.

We go out of our way to welcome guests. That begins with entering our building, so don’t be surprised if someone reaches out to you before you grab that cup of coffee! We also will greet you during worship as we “share the peace.” And we will always invite you to spend a few minutes after church, often with a hospitality snack. Our ministry is designed to involve people in friendship-building contact with others.

We work hard to be inclusive. Be sure to ask others about small group ministries and Bible study groups. We hope you will join us soon.

13725 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40245